Leggett and Platt

Leggett & Platt has been making adjustable bed frames for over 40 years and are currently making them in the USA and North America with plants in Kentucky and Juarez. All warranty work is handled by a nationwide network of over 600 technicians. This allows them to provide the best service of any adjustable base manufacturer. We have sold Leggett & Platt for 8 years and have ZERO unresolved issues. When you buy from Synergy Health we also assist in any warranty issues by initiating the communication to help make sure your problem gets resolved in a timely manner. 

With cutting edge technology and durable long lasting parts Leggett & Platt truly does offer the best value without having to compromise. Synergy Health is an exclusive authorized dealer for Leggett & Platt adjustable bed frames offering premium and performance models so that you can easily get the exact features you want and need. This all comes at a GREAT price with typically next day out the door order processing. With having warehouses on the EAST and WEST coast we can get your order to you fast. 

As of 8/15/2022 Leggett and Platt will no longer be offering the eCommerce models. Confusion and misinformation communicated from eCommerce only dealers along with rising costs in the marketplace have lead them to a more stream line approach. Nothing to worry about as we have all the same great features and quality in brand name Leggett and Platt (Brick and Mortar models).

Here is an easy way to know which model to order based on the current product line. We have eCommerce models up on site for a short time in an attempt to help customers find reputable dealers for Leggett and Platt brand. To be clear NO DEALERS HAVE THE eCOMMERCE MODELS AVAILABLE!

The Brick and Mortar Models are Prodigy LBR (updated Comfort Elite), Prodigy PT (updated Prodigy 2.0) and the S-Cape HF (updated S-Cape 2.0). Remotes and phone apps may have slight differences. These models are in stock and ready to ship so tend to have faster ship times. Usually within 1-2 days they are out the door in Greensboro, NC and headed your way. White Glove delivery is available in most areas.

Feel free to call us and see if your actual delivery address has reduced rates 336-218-7099. We also offer an additional 10-15% discount for pickup at our local warehouse in Greensboro, NC. 

We now have East Coast and West Coast distribution which will allow for faster transit times to all 50 states!!!



We get asked a lot about the differences in LBR models. An easy way to understand would be to breakdown the 3 different versions currently available. 

1- LBR Original model has shoulder, foot, pillow tilt and lumbar adjustment along with massagers, wall hugger, wireless remote, zero clearance and phone app. 

2- LBR+(NO LONGER AVAILABLE) model has all the same features as LBR Original but was intended to be a SMART base with Alexa voice capability. The chip that would do that never happened until recently. If you buy this model a technician will need to come to your house and replace the control box so that Alexa can work. 

3- LBR Comfort Connect model has all the same features as LBR Original BUT already has the Alexa voice control capability so you are ready to go and no need to be disturbed by having your bedroom rearranged in order to have access to Alexa.