Leggett and Platt

Leggett and Platt makes two Brand name lines of bases. One is for eCommerce stores and one if for Brick and Mortar stores. The eCommerce models include the Prodigy Comfort Elite, The Prodigy 2.0 and the S-cape 2.0. These models CANNOT be purchased at a store and also inventory is not sold except when end consumer places an order. The current lead time to get a base made and ready to ship from Georgetown KY is 3 weeks. No seller no matter what they tell you can get it for you any faster. The Brick and Mortar Models are Prodigy LBR (same as Comfort Elite), Prodigy PT (same as Prodigy 2.0) and the S-Cape HF (same as S-Cape 2.0). These models we can buy and re-ship to end consumer so tend to have faster ship times. Usually within 1-3 days they are out the door in Greensboro, NC and headed your way. White Glove delivery is available in most areas so please email or call us to get a quote. Often times the price for Curbside and White Glove are pretty close with the Brick and Mortar models.