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Transfer Master Supernal 3 Hi-Low Adjustable Bed With White Glove Delivery

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Hospital bed features in the comfort of your home

You may be looking for a more comfortable solution than what you might find from a traditional bed, or you may require the features of a hospital bed in your home. Whatever your reason for needing a hi-low bed in your home, Transfer Master’s Supernal Recliner Bed System can be the solution to help you sleep more comfortably in your home.

A hi-low bed that can be adjusted from head to toe, the Supernal Hi-Low is designed to hide all of its electric components. This allows the bed to look like any other so you can receive guests in your bedroom without feeling self-conscious. Many features—from variable massage to the backlit wireless hand control—come standard with the Supernal Hi-Low. It’s the perfect bed for users who want comfort and functionality at an affordable price.

The Supernal Recliner is an optional 2 function version of this bed. Pair it with the Hi-Low for a Dual King setup. Note that the Recliner is a little taller than the lowest Hi-Low setting. You can also use two Hi-Low beds to create a Dual King.

Designed for the home

Meet the world’s first full-featured adjustable bed with hospital functions that doesn’t have the hospital bed look.

We thoughtfully engineered the Supernal to hide all the electrical components so that it looks great in your home. And it hugs the wall or headboard so that you can easily reach your nightstand.

Transferring Patient from Bed to Wheel Chair

Life is hard enough as it is, make things easier where you can with the Transfer Master’s Supernal Hi-Low.  Moving from the bed to a wheelchair can be challenging.  With a Transfer Master’s Supernal Hi-Low bed, you can do this more easily.  By lowering the bed, the person is lowered closer to the wheelchair resulting in less time from bed to chair.  This can help reduce the amount of strain on both patient and caregiver.



  • Head, Foot, and Hi-Low Adjustable
  • Super low height for easy self transfer
  • Excellent height range for flexibility of use
  • Standard weight capacity
  • Hugs the wall so you can reach your nightstand
  • Cradles your pillow w/ a European style head tilt
  • Backlit wireless hand control for visibility
  • Variable massage settings
  • Emergency power down


     10.5" – 20.5"
  • CAPACITY 400 lbs 500 lbs
  • ADJUSTABILITY Head (65°) Foot (35°) Hi-Low Wall Hugging European-style Head Tilt
  • SIZES Twin 80 Full 80 Queen Dual King (2 Twins)
  • MATTRESS OPTIONS Ascent Mattress (cloth or vinyl) Soft Touch Mattress (cloth or vinyl) and Pressure Guard Mattress
  • AVAILABLE ADD-ONS--Half Rails (head only)--Bamboo Rail Covers--Battery Backup---5"Locking Caster (only for Supernal Hi-Low)


Please call for special prices on accessories like headboard , side rail , 5 inch casters and battery backup


This Limited Warranty is extended to the original purchaser/user and cannot be transferred. All Transfer Master Hi-Low beds and accessories are warranted for a period of One Year against defects. A detailed version of this warranty accompanies each bed and is available upon request.

Warranty does not cover products damaged in shipping. It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect the delivered goods upon arrival. Should damages exist, report it immediately to Transfer Master Products, Inc. and the carrier. The carrier will be responsible for repairing or replacing the product. Failure to report these damages upon delivery could result in a loss to the customer.


Transfer Master ships most orders in 10 days or less. All Transfer Master bases include white glove service. Due to the weight we prefer to make sure qualified delivery companies do our in home service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Transfer Master Supernal Hi-Low come with a wall hugger feature?

Yes, the Transfer Master Supernal Hi Low is a wall hugging bed.  The wall hugger feature minimizes space between the wall and the base when the head is elevated.  On a hospital bed like the Transfer Master Supernal Hi Low this is especially beneficial.  It helps maintain the center placement of the user’s body as the head is lifted and lowered.  This can greatly enhance ease of use when utilizing bedside tables and lamps.


Are there any mattress options for the Supernal Hi-Low adjustable bed?

We offer different Transfer Master mattresses that were specially developed for this bed.  The first is called Ascent.  The Ascent is a low-profile mattress containing laminated foams.  The second mattress that goes with the Supernal Hi Lo hospital bed is the Soft Touch Memory Foam Mattress.  These two are available with a natural bamboo quilted cover or a stretch fabric cover.  Another option is a PressureGuard® mattress which is designed for pressure relief targeted to those who need it most.


What is the height of the Hi Low feature on the Transfer Master Hi-Low?

The Transfer Master Supernal Hi Low is equipped to adjust bed height up to ten inches.  The bed can be set at a height shorter than that as well if needed.  This can be accommodating for persons administering treatment to the occupant.  Because it can also be lowered, it can increase the ease of reaching the floor when getting out of bed.  The motorized movement of the High-Low feature is activated by remote.


Is the remote on the Transfer Master easy to read?

Yes, the remote that comes with the Transfer Master Supernal Hi-Low was fashioned with the user in mind.  The remote features large buttons that are easy to read.  The buttons also light up to enable use in the dark.  Transfer Master’s controls are uncomplicated, using images and arrows to signify operation for each button.


Does the Supernal Hi Low come in custom sizes?

Unfortunately, the Supernal Hi-Low hospital bed does not come in custom sizing.  It comes in standard sizes for Twin XL, Full, Queen and Dual King.  If a special size is preferred, the Transfer Master Valiant has you covered.  It comes in the same sizes as this bed but is also available in a long Twin or a long Full for taller individuals.  Additionally, a special size of 48”x80” is also offered for the Valiant model.

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